Anemia Quiz

The following questions are an attempt to assess awareness of the public regarding anaemia and the Anaemia Mukt Bharat Programme.

1 What is Anaemia? 10 Points

2 Do you have Anaemia?

3 Which of these is an iron rich food? 10 Points

4 Which of these is a vitamin C rich food? 10 Points

5 What is the Anaemia Mukt Bharat (AMB) campaign all about? 10 Points

6 What are the consequences of anaemia?  10 Points

7 What is the colour of iron folic acid tablet given to adolescents (10-19 years)? 10 Points

8 How many times deworming tablet is given to children of 5-9 years of age in a year? 10 Points

9 Which among the below food options interferes with absorption of iron in the body? 10 Points

10 What is the normal haemoglobin level for pregnant women? 10 Points

11 Which of the following nutrient deficiencies can cause anaemia? 10 Points