Capsular Course on Nutrition Epidemiology (Module 2 – Data Management Tools and Advanced Statistics using STATA)

The course on data management tools and advanced statistics will include introduction of STATA and its environment, hands on experience of managing data and popular STATA functions, manipulating data, writing syntax for repetitive tasks and displaying of results in interactive plots.

This module of the course focused on Data Management Tools and Advanced Statistics using STATA for handling, investigating and displaying Nutrition and public health data. The themes covered during the course were introduction of STATA and its functionalities; importing and exporting data; data management in STATA; Data manipulation; Statistical analysis; Plotting graphs; applying survey weights, survey sets and regression analysis. Additionally, commands for aforementioned analysis were discussed in details for repetitive analysis. A total of 24 participants included the researchers and program managers from the organizations such as Population Council, Piramal Foundation, Nutrition International, World Vision, IEG, ROSHNI, Patna medical college and hospital, Maulana Azad Medical College, Kalpana Chwala Govt. Medical College etc. completed the course and awarded the “certificate of attendance”. Two professors from the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai and one professor from the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi were the key facilitators to deliver the course contents to participants. These were Dr. Abhishek Singh (IIPS), Dr. William Joe (IEG) and Dr Kaushalendra Kumar (IIPS).