PMSMA Day: Implementation of 5 Action point Algorithm on PMSMA Day

On Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA) Day December 9, 2019, 40 facilities of 11 districts of Delhi were covered through trained MOs/ANMs/Nutritionists/Dietitians.

The following activities were conducted using the 5 Action Point of Algorithm: Nutrition screening and assessment, Laboratory investigations and Clinical examinations, Group and individual counselling, Medical consultation and Provision of micronutrient supplements Group and individual counselling of all the pregnant women were conducted at 40 PMSMA sites by trained ANMs/PHNs/Nutritionists/Dietitians using by-gestational month cards and at-risk cards respectively. Underweight and obesity recipe books were also used to provide healthy meal options at home. Monitoring of ANMs, PHNs and MO's was done by NCEARD Lady Irwin College team in 14 facilities across 11 districts of Delhi. They were trained on Dec 4th by NCEARD Lady Irwin College in collaboration with Directorate of Family Welfare.